TRIAL Cell Phone Policy for NCHS

This is a TRIAL policy that will be in effect from Tuesday, April 22 through the end of the current school year.The results of this trial will lead to a recommendation to the USD 211 Board of Education to adopt, adopt with modifications or  not adopt changes in the NCHS Policy regarding student use of cell phones at school.

Allowed use:  Time and Place during the school day
*Before School, until the 3 minute bell to start school.  In the Student Lounge ONLY.
*At lunch in the Student Lounge ONLY.
*After School is dismissed for the day.

*Any cell phone alarm or ringer going off.
*Use of cell phone at times or areas other than those designated above.


1st Violation
Staff member turns cell phone into office and student may pick up after serving 30 minute detention.

2nd Violation
Staff member turns cell phone into office and student may pick up after serving one day of In School Suspension.  Parent is notified

3rd Violation
Staff member turns cell phone into office and student may pick up after serving three days of In School Suspension.  Parent is notified.

Further violations will result in OUT OF SCHOOL suspension.

Recommended to the USD 211 BOE for TRIAL:  April 14, 2014
Approved for TRIAL  by the USD 211 BOE: April 14, 2014

2014-15 Academic Calendar

Beginning with the 2014-15 School Year the SCHOOL DAY WILL BEGIN AT 8:15 A.M. and continue to dismiss at 3:30 p.m.

The 2014-15 academic calendar approved by the Board of Education is available by clicking here.


The primary and official media for ALL school announcements 
is KQNK radio, Norton at 106.7 FM and 1530 AM. 

Additionally, school closings are announced on radio stations KQMA and KKAN in Phillipsburg, and   KRVN in Lexington, NE.  and on TV channels 7, 8, 11 and 13. 

USD 211 also uses a spam free text caster service made possible through the generosity of the First Security Bank and Trust of Norton.  This service makes it possible to receive school closing and alert information as text messages on your cell phone and as emails on your PC. In order to receive these messages it is necessary that you sign up.  To sign up for this service is fast and easy but does require the use of a computer with internet access.  Select BLUEJAY ALERTS TEXTCASTER  on the right side of this page and then follow the onscreen instructions.  There is NO CHARGE  for signing up for this service but you should check your cell phone plan as your service provider may charge for receiving a text message. 

If weather forces early school closures after school is already in session this will be also be announced on the radio and tv stations above.  If at all possible please tune in to one of the stations if weather looks threatening. If school is dismissed early students will be allowed to use the phone to get instructions from their parents and guardians. The text caster will also be used to alert of possible early closures and the time of  closure if it is decided to dismiss school early.

Bullying Hotline Available

USD 211 in partnership with the Kansas State Department of Education, and the Kansas Children’s Service League, announces the availability of the Bullying Prevention Hotline. This free, anonymous service is available to provide counsel and resources to those who have questions or concerns about bullying situations. The 24-hour hotline can be reached at (1-800-332-6378 or 1-800-CHILDREN). The hotline can also  be contacted  via text or e-mail at

Provided through a grant from "Safe and Supportive Schools," the hotline is staffed by trained professionals and volunteers who listen to each caller’s concerns and seek to provide the caller with resources to assist him or her. In the coming months,  posters will be received and displayed in the schools to ensure students and those who visit our schools are aware of the hotline and know the number.

The Bullying Prevention Hotline should not be confused with the Kansas School Safety Hotline. The School Safety Hotline should still be used to report potential violent acts at schools. Students who feel unsafe at school could call either hotline; the professionals at the Bullying Prevention Hotline will forward any calls to the School Safety Hotline if they feel there is the potential for violence, or that a student may harm him/herself or others.
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