Construction Underway at

Eisenhower and the Junior High!

Dirt work and demolition are underway at Eisenhower Elementary and the Junior High School. The contractors are leveling and compacting the soil for the new buildings that are going up at these locations. The footings are being dug this week at both locations. 
Next week the power will be off at both locations as the final transfer to the new transformers takes place and the new water and gas lines are put to work. This will take place during spring break so students will not be affected. 
The demolition work inside of the Stull gym lobby is also going well. The demolition crews have cleared out the restrooms and anything of value has been salvaged. 
Thus far everything continues to be on schedule. Please be careful when driving around the schools as we have a lot of construction traffic as well as student traffic every day. 
Unloading gravel at Eisenhower
Unloading steel at Stull gym. 
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