Approximate Timeline for the USD 211 Building Project 

JH/SR High

March 2016­-February 2017 New Locker Room Area and Classroom area

March 2016­-August 2016 Junior High Administration and Stull Entry

May 2016­-August 2016 JH Remodel and Back Stairway rebuild

Eisenhower Elementary

March 2016­-October 2016 Gym/Shelter and Classroom Construction

May 2016­-August 2016 Office Remodel

April 2016­-July 2016 North Restrooms

November 2016­-February 2017 Remodel Old Gym area to classrooms

This updated timeline would allow the project to finish in about one year and not a year and a half as originally thought. We hope the weather will cooperate and allow this to happen.
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