Project Update

July 15, 2016

At this time the first phase of the building and remodel project is still on schedule. If everthing continues as is we will have our offices ready for occupancy on August 12. We may still need to make some temporary changes to parking and entry ways until the driveway in front of Stull gym and the Junior High are completed. 
We will be getting information out to parents and staff soon on where to go for enrollment. These will most likely take place in the cafeteria's and the Art room at the high school 
The new locker rooms behind Stull gym are behind schedule but they are getting caught up. Work also continues on the new gym at Eisenhower. The north bathrooms at Eisenhower are quite a ways behind schedule but work on them will begin soon. 
There will be a lot of work taking place at the construction sites between now and August 5. We will have several subcontractors on site at the same time the next three weeks. 
Below I have included some photos of the project. 

Hallway at Eisenhower office

Concessions area inside of Stull Entry Lobby

Walls going up at the High School Locker rooms/Shelters
EE Gym/Shelter This is not the final color. Only a sealent!

Entry and Overhang at JH Office

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