Some info from the architects. . . 

Three phases for the architects:
Phase 1:  Schematic Design; flesh out concepts; 3D visuals;    Changes possible.  BOE Approval

Phase 2:  Design/Development DETAILS   Schedule & Budget; Changes possible.  BOE Approval

Phase 3:  Construction Documents developed: VERY FEW CHANGES POSSIBLE.  Final Schedule, Budget and prepared Bids


December 2015-January 2016:  Start New Construction at EES & JH-SH   (RED and ORANGE areas on the site maps): Anticipated duration 10 -12 months with ESTIMATED completion November-December 2016

Spring/Summer 2016:   Replace End of Life Roofs.

Spring/Summer 2017:  EES Playground Renovations 
Interior Renovations at EES & JH-SH (YELLOW areas on the site maps); 
upgrade exterior doors, electrical classroom outlets

Fall 2017:  Projects all completed

NOTE:  THERE WILL BE DISRUPTIONS 2015-16 & 2016-17 :  Playground area, parking lots, hallways, etc. etc.  

Frequently Asked Questions:  http://tiny.cc/spyfox 

Information Brochure is available here.

Power Point presentation used in the community meetings and group presentations.  Note: it is a large file and will take some time to load. 

A list of public meetings and opportunities to tour the USD 211 facilities is available here:  Bond Issue Meetings & Tours   PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING CHANGE:  THE MARCH 29 COMMUNITY MEETING WILL BE HELD IN THE EES BAND ROOM; 3:00 p.m.

A quick COMPARISON of the April 2014 & April 15 proposals

Revised Master Plans:      EES             JH-SH 
NOTE:   You will need to use your web browser's view option to shrink the plans to fit your computer screen.

Failed bond issue:  survey results

Why do schools need Storm Shelters?  
To see the inside of a school during a powerful storm, open the link below.  Damage in the hallways can be seen starting at the 2:40 minute mark.

TORNADO HITS A MIDDLE SCHOOL:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCA86rEIXEw   


The issue of how much in property taxes a successful bond issue election will cost taxpayers is complicated  and somewhat speculative. The average mill levy needed to repay $9.8 million in bonds is computed to be 8.54 mills over the 20 years needed to retire the bonds. This figure is based on  some conservative and educated assumptions such as: the interest rate on the bonds, future property valuations and continued state aid. Remember, this is being projected over 20 years. . .and who has  that BIG of a crystal ball?
There are three kinds of property that is taxed; residential (homes), commercial (businesses) and farm  property (which is divided even further  into  four different types based on land use and structures). All three kinds of property are assessed differently.
The Norton County Assessors office has provided some examples of each of the different kinds of property taxes to show the affect to CURRENT tax levies of a successful bond issue. The information and with some more explanation is available here.

       RESIDENTS of USD 211 who are of legal voting age and registered to vote, are eligible to vote in a USD 211 BonD Issue  election. This includes the residents of Clayton, Edmond, Lenora, Norton and New Almelo and those who live in the rural areas outside of those communities.
        USD 211 is quite large; 678 square miles and with property in the counties of  Decatur, Graham, Norton and Sheridan.  The bulk of USD 211 property is in Norton County, with significant property in Graham County.
       A map showing the boundary of USD 211 is available to view by clicking here 
      The boundary of USD 211 is in black, highlighted with yellow. The county names and the communities of Clayton, Edmond, Lenora, Norton and New Almelo are highlighted in pink.  Note :  You may need to use your browser's view option to enlarge the map to see it clearly. 

REVISED Estimated Construction/Project Cost
REVISED Estimated Costs for bond payback 
USD 211 Enrollment Projection through 2020
Mill Levy & Enrollment History of USD 211 since 1982
Note:  The current school funding formula was implemented beginning with the 1992-93 school year.


During the school year of 2007-2008 the USD 211 Board of Education authorized two studies to be made of USD 211 schools.

One was to determine the condition and use of current USD 211 school buildings and to make suggestions for improvement.

USD 211 Facilities:  Condition & Improvement 

The second study was to determine the handicap accessibility of the USD 211 facilities to make recommendations for making our facilities more handicap accessible.

USD 211 Facilities:  Handicap Accessibility

Note:  the reports are lengthy and will take a few seconds to open.

In the winter and spring of 2013, the District's Architects, Schaefer, Johnson, Cox and Frey, conducted a space and needs assessment of the EES, Norton Junior High and the Norton Community High School.

This assessment was based on professional observation and inspection of the District's buildings and through formal conversations with our staff.

The Architects' survey and summary for the EES are available by clicking here.

The Architects' survey and summary  for the Norton Junior and Senior High Schools are available by clicking here.

Note:  the summaries are lengthy and will take a few seconds to open.


To determine public support for improving USD 211 facilities, the Docking Institute in Fort Hays State was hired in the fall of 2011 to conduct a community survey.  The Docking Institute completed the survey in the winter of 2012.  Surveys were conducted by phone and by internet.  The results indicated strong support for the Norton Community Schools and support for improving our facilities.

The survey results are available here:

Phone Survey              
Internet Survey

In April, 2012 the Board of Education conducted a two day strategic planning session.  Those involved were members of the Board of Education, members of each school's site council and a school representative of each building.

Over the two days, the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities of USD 211 were identified by the study participants and a plan was developed to addressed the perceived weaknesses and challenges using the perceived strengths and opportunities.  After some modification, the Strategic Plan was adopted by the Board in May, 2012.  The plan is available here:

USD 211 Strategic Plan

Note:  the surveys and strategic plan and lengthy and will require a few moments to download.
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