Construction Underway at

Eisenhower and the Junior High!

Dirt work and demolition are underway at Eisenhower Elementary and the Junior High School. The contractors are leveling and compacting the soil for the new buildings that are going up at these locations. The footings are being dug this week at both locations. 
Next week the power will be off at both locations as the final transfer to the new transformers takes place and the new water and gas lines are put to work. This will take place during spring break so students will not be affected. 
The demolition work inside of the Stull gym lobby is also going well. The demolition crews have cleared out the restrooms and anything of value has been salvaged. 
Thus far everything continues to be on schedule. Please be careful when driving around the schools as we have a lot of construction traffic as well as student traffic every day. 
Unloading gravel at Eisenhower
Unloading steel at Stull gym. 

Project Work at the Junior High

The construction project has begun at the junior high with the removal of sidewalks and part of the parking lot in front of the building. This area has been fenced off and will remain fenced off throughout the project. Work will soon begin at Eisenhower Elementary on the west side of the building. Sidewalks and trees will also be moved there. This area will also be fenced off to protect students from entering the construction area. 

Construction to Begin
Starting on Monday, February 22, work will begin on our building projects at Norton Community Schools. The first phase will be fencing of the construction areas at the high school, junior high, and Eisenhower Elementary. The parking lot in front of the junior high will be blocked and access to the front of the junior high school will be limited. There will be limited parking spaces in the high school parking lot for people coming to the junior high or high school. Please enter the Junior High through the south entry of the junior high.
Starting March 7, parking will also be more limited in front of Stull gym. Access to the front of Stull gym will be limited as well. Please be careful when driving in this area.

Access at the front of Eisenhower will remain the same at this time as most of work will be to the west of the building. There will be limited access to the west of Eisenhower Elementary starting on Monday, February 22.

Moving Utilities

The USD 211 building project is underway as the first work is now taking place. Contractors are moving our utility lines at Eisenhower and at the High School so that when construction begins in March we will be ready to go! 
The City of Norton started things off by moving our electric lines at Eisenhower and now the construction contractors are moving water lines and eventually gas lines. All of these lines will be moved from now till the middle of Christmas break. At that time the new lines will be put into service and the old ones unhooked. This allows us to continue to have school uninterrupted and will prevent us from being interrupted when we get back from break. Thanks to the city as well as Hutton Construction and our subcontractors for getting this done!

Concept Drawings of Part of the Bond Project!

View of the front of Stull Gym when completed.

View of the front of Norton Community Jr. High when completed.
View of the interior of Eisenhower gym/shelter


Approximate Timeline for the USD 211 Building Project 

JH/SR High

March 2016­-February 2017 New Locker Room Area and Classroom area

March 2016­-August 2016 Junior High Administration and Stull Entry

May 2016­-August 2016 JH Remodel and Back Stairway rebuild

Eisenhower Elementary

March 2016­-October 2016 Gym/Shelter and Classroom Construction

May 2016­-August 2016 Office Remodel

April 2016­-July 2016 North Restrooms

November 2016­-February 2017 Remodel Old Gym area to classrooms

This updated timeline would allow the project to finish in about one year and not a year and a half as originally thought. We hope the weather will cooperate and allow this to happen.

The USD 211 Board of Education heard a presentation by the architects of SJCF and Hutton Construction. The board viewed the newest drawings proposed by the architects. Recent changes to the plans include moving the gym at Eisenhower Elementary to the north to help alleviate possible drainage issues. These new plans tie the new addition into the original building much better than before.
Hutton Construction also visited with the Board of Education about some scheduling scenarios for the project. It is hoped that the schedule for the project can be shortened which will allow us to begin using the new facilities as soon as possible.
The architects will return to visit with the board of education in October to provide the final drawings and the first initial cost estimates. The Board then gave their approval for SJCF and Hutton to continue on to the next phase of the project.
We will soon be providing drawings to give you some idea of what the project will look like when it is finished.

"The Board of Education Unified School District 211, on the 10th of August, approved Hutton Construction for Construction Manager at Risk services for the Bond project. Their score was the highest of three firms with 92.6 out of a possible 100 points."

Building Project Update for July

July 15, 2015
July has been a busy month for the building project. The architects brought schematic plans to the Board of Education to approve for the initial phase of the construction. These were discussed and approved.
The Board approved three Construction Management companies to interview for the Construction Management position. The Construction Management company will oversee the project for USD 211. A committee of Board members, community members, and school representatives will interview the three companies that were chosen. They will then make a recommendation for the Board to approve at their August meeting.
Once a Construction Management company is selected they will begin to work with the architects to prepare to take bids on the project.
We hope that you will soon be seeing some survey work being done around the schools. There will also be some soil testing done.
Phil Wilson

RFQ: Norton Comunity Schools


Date: June 24, 2015

To: Kansas General Contractors

Subject: Construction Manager at Risk Services
Norton Community Schools USD 211

Associated with recently approved projects, the Norton Community school district is soliciting submissions from interested General Contractors for Construction Manager at Risk services for additions and renovations to the Eisenhower Elementary and the Norton junior high/high school buildings.

If interested, please deliver responses to the Office of the Superintendent, Unified School District 211, 105 East Waverly, Norton, KS, to the attention of Janice Russell, USD 211 BOE Clerk, no later than 3:00 p.m., July 8, 2015.

Your responses should include, but should not be limited to, the following information:

  • Project experience
  • Project experience as Construction Manager at Risk
  • Key Personnel and resumes
  • References
  • Statement of bonding capacity
  • Statement of plan to work with local vendors/businesses and local work force
  • Project Approach

Please submit 1 disk (thumb drive is preferred) and 1 hard copy.

Contractors/Managers at Risk selected to interview will be notified by USD 211.  Interviews are tentatively scheduled for August 4, 2015.  Thank you for your interest.  If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Russel before July 1 and Mr. Phil Wilson, Supt. after July 1 at 785-877-3386
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