10-19-17 Newsletter


FLU AND COLD SEASON:  Please remind your children to drink plenty of liquids and get plenty of sleep in the next few months.  We want our children in school for effective learning.  Proper nutrition and plenty of rest will help the students stay in school, where we want them, on a daily basis.
COATS AND HATS:  Fall weather is here, with winter weather just around the corner.  When the temperature gets colder, please send your child to school with hats and gloves, along with their winter coats.  Students will need winter boots when the snow starts to land on the ground and stick.
HALLOWEEN PARTIES:  Halloween parties will begin at 2:30 on Tuesday, October 31st. Kindergarten students are the only students who dress up for Halloween.  This year the Kindergarten students will only dress up after lunch.  They will parade at the Andbe Home, Whispering Pines and then around the school prior to their homeroom parties.  Parents of Kindergarten students please send your child’s costume in their backpack and the students will  dress after lunch.
E-MAIL:  Please remember that if parents have questions, they can contact their teacher via e-mail. To email your teacher use the first letter of their first name, then their last name, add @usd 211.org.  For instance if you wanted to contact the principal, the email address would be croy@usd211.org    You can always call the school office for help, as well.
AVERAGE DAILY ATTENDANCE:  The average daily attendance at EES for the first nine weeks of school was  94.5 %.  For effective learning, it is important to have students in class working directly with their teacher.  Thank You to the parents for your work in getting your child to school.
PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCE: A reminder that conferences will be held on Monday, October 23rd.  You should have received notice from your teacher on when your conference is scheduled.  If not, please contact your teacher or the office for support.
SITE COUNCIL:  The October site council meeting will be held on Monday, October 30th at 5:30 PM.
FIRE SAFETY WEEK:  Fireman from the Norton fire department came to the school last week to meet with the students and discuss some fire safety issues that can be observed at home.  We appreciate the firemen taking time off from their own paying jobs to spend time with our students. Our students look forward to this event each year.
FIDGET SPINNERS:  Just a reminder to not send these items to school.  They are a distraction to students and to staff in the classroom.
BACKPACK PROGRAM:  If there are families interested in knowing more about the program, they can contact the office for details.

10-13-17 Newsletter


HALLOWEEN:  Just a friendly reminder that for Halloween only Kindergarten students dress in costumes.

NO SCHOOL:  On Friday, October 20th, and Monday, October 23rd, there will be no school for the students.

Teachers will use this time to prepare their grades and also to get ready for Parent/Teacher conferences scheduled for Monday, October 23rd, 2017.

END OF FIRST QUARTER:  The first quarter (43 days) will end on Thursday, October 19th, 2017.  Report cards will be given to parents at the Parent/Teacher Conferences scheduled for Monday, October 23rd, 2017, for Early Childhood through sixth grade.

EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSING:  In the event there is a need to start school late or close schools due to inclement weather or other emergencies, the announcements will be made on the radio and television stations listed below.  KQNK Radio of Norton (1530 AM or 106.7 FM ) is the primary broadcast outlet for the Norton schools.  If inclement weather develops during the school day, parents should attempt to listen to one of the designated radio or television stations below.  In the event there is an early dismissal, students will be allowed to call their parents if instructions are needed.  If school is not called off, but parents believe the weather to be too hazardous to send their child to school they are to follow the normal procedure for reporting absences. 

KQNK  1530 AM 106.7 FM Norton 
KRVN 880 AM    Lexington, NE 
KKAN  1490 AM    Phillipsburg 
KQMA    92.5 FM Phillipsburg   

KSNK   NBC Channel 2 and 8 
KBSH  CBS  Channel 7
KAKE CBS Channel 11
NTV  ABC  Channel  10 and 13 

TITLE READING/MATH:  Math—Help your child find some appropriate number and problem solving games to play online, or play card or board games that involve counting or patterns.  Reading—Set aside a time and place for reading, like a comfy chair with a reading light for bedtime stories, or visit your public library regularly, find and read together the books that were your favorite when you were a kid.

JACKETS/COATS:  There are a large number of coats, and or jackets that have been left at school.  Right now they are on the railing going up the ramp by the cafeteria.  We have encouraged students to look and see if any of these jackets belong to them.

10-06-17 Newsletter


NO SCHOOL:  On Wednesday, October 11th, 2017, there will be no school for the students.  Faculty and staff have training all day.

TEACHER WORK DAY:  On Friday, October 20th, 2017, there will be no school for the students. This is the end of the first nine weeks.  No school allows teachers to work on grades and prepare for Parent/Teacher conferences. 

PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCE:  The first parent/teacher conference of the year will be held on Monday, October 23rd, 2017.  There will be no schedule on that day for students.  School will resume for students on Tuesday, October 24th at the regular time.  You will be receiving information from your teacher when your child’s conference has been scheduled.  Conferences are scheduled for 15 minutes.  If parents do not feel this is enough time for conference, then a request to the teacher for a longer conference time can be made.

THIRD & FOURTH GRADE VOCAL CONCERT:  This is just a reminder that the third and fourth grade vocal concert will be held on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017, at the East Campus Auditorium. It will start at 7:00 PM. 

FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESENTATIONS:  The Fire Department will give presentations to the students on Thursday, October 12th, 2017 starting at 1:00.  Every year during FIRE PREVENTION WEEK, our fire department has made a point of visiting the school, presenting a program of fire safety to our students, and (weather permitting) letting the students view a fire engine with a hands on approach.  We take this time to thank them for their efforts in helping educate our children regarding fire prevention and safety procedures.   

PHONE CALLS AND MESSAGES:  We are asking that when you call to leave a message for your child, to please do so before 3:00 PM if possible.  The last 30 minutes of the day are very busy ensuring that our students are following proper instructions from parents, and phone calls at that time add to a very busy time.  Thank you for working with us on this matter. 

CROSSWALKS:  A reminder that we ask students to use crosswalks at all times coming to school and walking home after school.  USD 211 provides adult crossing guards on Highway 36 near Dairy Queen.  An adult crossing guard is also posted East of Eisenhower on Highway  283.  For students who shuttle to the USD 211 district office, there is an adult crossing guard located at State street.  Closer to school we have 6th grade students serve as crossing guards for the other students in two locations.  This information is provided to parents who may not have children normally walk to school.

BOX TOPS:  The EES Library collects Box Tops for Education from items you purchase in stores.  These Box Tops earn ten cents each for our school.  We will be mailing a batch of Box Tops in redemption on October 31st, 2017.  If you have been collecting Box tops, please send them to the library before October 23, 2017, so we can submit them.  Thank you for all the Box Tops you send.

SIGNS:  Please observe the traffic signs on the East side of the school along Eisenhower Drive when dropping off students in the morning.  There have been cars pulling in the driveway in the mornings dropping off students in front of the school, interfering with staff coming to school in the mornings.

9-29-17 Newsletter


NO SCHOOL: On Friday, October 20th, 2017 there will be no school for students.  This is the end of the first nine weeks of school.  It is a workday for teachers.  On Monday, October 23rd , we have Parent/Teacher conferences, so there will be no school that day.

THIRD & FOURTH GRADE VOCAL CONCERT  The third and fourth grade concert has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 at 7:00 PM.  It will be at the East Campus auditorium.  Students will practice at East Campus during their music time on Monday and Tuesday.  

PHONE CALLS AND MESSAGES:  We are asking that when you call to leave a message for your child, to please do so before 3:00 PM if possible.  The last 30 minutes of the day are very busy ensuring that our students are following proper instructions from parents, and phone calls at that time add to a very busy time.  Thank you for working with us on this matter.   

THANKS:  I would like to thank all parents for your support and assistance at school activities and athletic events.  When students are not supervised, accidents are more likely to occur.  They can and do occur even under supervision, but not as often.  Parents who supervise their children at school activities and athletic events not only help keep their children and the other spectators safe, but also help the people around them enjoy the event even more.  Thank you for your continued support and continued effort.

LUNCH:  A reminder that if you are wanting to eat lunch with your child, please notify the office before 9:30 AM.  The cooks need to have an accurate number of people eating to assure that all students and visitors have enough to eat.  Eisenhower Elementary is fortunate to have some outstanding cooks!  They are Kathy Richards, Marilyn Dicks, Barb Smith, and Carla Sumner.

FIRE PREVENTION WEEK:  The week of October 9-13 is Fire Prevention Week.  Our local firefighters will come to the school on Thursday, October 12th  to present a program of fire safety to the students at Eisenhower.  There will be two programs, one for the ECD -3rd grade at 1:00 and 4th thru 6th at 2:00 Pm.  Both programs are in the cafeteria.  Parents are invited to sit in and listen if they would like.

TITLE MATH/READING:  Reading:  When you are reading a magazine or newsletter, ask your child to look on the pages for pictures that start with a certain sound.  For example;  Do you see a picture of something that starts with the letter ‘p’?   Math: When helping your child with homework or school assignments, ask him or her to explain how he or she got the answer.

SCHOOL BUS GUIDELINES FOR SAFE RIDING:  Riding a school bus can be a fun time for students, however, it is a privilege to ride a bus and not a right. We have a great bunch of bus drivers in our community who spend countless hours transporting children safely to and from school, and school activities.  We need to do all we can to help make their job easier during the school session, so the students are safer on the buses.

9-22-17 Newsletter


SCHOOL DISMISSAL:  School is being dismissed at 2:00 on Friday, September 29th so that students can go to the Homecoming Parade.  Buses will run accordingly from the schools.

SCHOOL PICTURES:  Make up date for school pictures will be Friday, November 3rd, 2017.

LUNCHES:  This is a reminder for parents to keep up with their child’s lunch/breakfast money.

PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES: A reminder that Parent/Teacher conferences will be October 23rd, 2017.    There is no school for students EC-6 on this day.  At that time, parents will be receiving the report card for the first nine-week period. 

ATTENDANCE:  This is a reminder to parents how important it is to have children in school.  Having your child in school on a regular basis enables them to keep up with their class on materials that are covered.  Children who miss a lot of school will fall behind in academics.  It takes more effort to catch up, than to maintain on a regular basis. Please review page 4 of the student handbook on attendance if you have questions.

E-MAIL: If a parent wants to communicate with their child’s teacher they can e-mail through the district’s e-mail address.  The e-mail address is simple to figure out for the teacher/administrator you want to contact.  It is simply the first initial of the first name, the entire last name @ usd211.org.  For example, if you would want to contact me (Corey Roy) at school, my address is croy@usd211.org.

DROP OFFS:  Please remember that the school driveway is for faculty and buses in the morning, and afternoon. A friendly reminder that it is illegal to pass a school bus with its lights on and stop sign out while picking up and dropping off students.

CROSSWALKS:  We are working with our students to use crosswalks at all times.  It would be helpful if parents would support this and use them as well when picking up and dropping off students at school.

HEALTH:  Germs are among us!  There have been some students who have visited the health office with headaches, and stomachaches.  The best prevention for keeping healthy is: 

Good Hand washing
Covering mouth when coughing
Eating fresh fruits and veggies
Drink extra water
Get extra sleep

Parents please remind your children of these five easy steps and practice them yourselves.  Children will follow their parent’s example.

TITLE 1 PARENT MEETING BOOK SWAP: The meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 25th, 2017.

TITLE MATH/READING HELPFUL HINT:  Ask your child to explain the math skills he or she is working on in school.  Ask your child to draw a picture or write about what happens in a story.  Keep paper, notebooks, markers and crayons available in your home.

October Breakfast/Lunch Menus

9-8-17 Newsletter


EARLY DISMISSAL:  Just a reminder we will be dismissing school at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, September 13th.  The teachers have training that afternoon at the school.

BUS SHUTTLE: There is a pick-up spot for morning routes that will be on Horace Greeley Avenue, which is the parking lot for the Norton Manor.  The bus will arrive there daily at approximately 7:30 a.m.  The bus will depart as soon as all waiting student  have boarded and the students will be taken directly to the Eisenhower Elementary School. ---Jim Jackson, is our Transportation Director who can be reached at 871-1319.

TITLE 1 SCHOOL WIDE PROGRAMS:  Title 1 is the United States largest federal aid program for elementary schools.  Eisenhower Elementary went through a lengthy application process five years ago to become a School Wide Title 1 Program.  The purpose of a School Wide program is to improve student achievement throughout the entire school.  Every child will benefit from the added services and programs that a School Wide Title 1 program can offer.  Parents of EES students have the option to request information regarding the professional qualifications of their classroom teachers by contacting the office.  At this time all Eisenhower elementary teachers are highly qualified according to State standards.

EISENHOWER SITE COUNCIL:  Monday, September 18th, 2017 at 5:30 PM the Site Council will meet in the Eisenhower Library.  New members will be introduced and welcomed.  This and all meetings of the Site Council are open to the public.      

CBM TESTING:.  The first round of testing will be completed during the fifth week of school.  The data from the testing will be used in the MTSS process.

ARRIVALS/DEPARTURES:  Thanks to all the parents and students who are observing the procedures for dropping off students and picking them up after school.  I have had several parents talk to me about dropping their child off earlier than usual so that they can get to work on time.   This is not a problem as long as I am aware of whom the students are.  We would greatly appreciate students not arriving to school before 7:45 AM. as that is when breakfast begins.  Students are not dismissed to their classes until 8:10 AM.  Call the school office if you have any questions.

VISITORS PASS:  Just a friendly reminder for parents to stop in the office and pick up a visitor’s pass when visiting the school.

TELEPHONE CALLS: When calling the office to leave a message for your child, please try to do so before 3:00 P.M.  At the end of the school day it becomes very busy trying to ensure that all students are going where they are supposed to go, and taking messages at this time can sometimes be confusing.  Thank you for your support with this item.

DROP OFFS:  A friendly reminder when dropping off students in the morning to please drop off the students on Eisenhower Street and not the driveway.  The easiest way is to come south off Armory drive so they are on the west side of the street closest to the building.  The driveway is for buses and staff coming into school.  If you have a family member dropping off your child, please let them know of this procedure.  Thank You!

September Nutrition Nugget

9-1-17 Newsletter


EARLY DISMISSAL: On Friday, September 1, 2017,  school will be dismissed at 2:30 PM.  Buses will run regular routes at this time.

OPEN HOUSE: We had 98.1% attendance for open house. Thanks to the custodians for having the building ready to go and a special thanks to the cooks who prepared the rolls for the evening.  It was a great evening!

LABOR DAY:  On Monday, September 4th, 2017, there is no school.  School will resume on Tuesday, September, 5th, 2017,  at 8:15 AM.  Breakfast will be served on Tuesday.

TITLE 1 MEETING: This meeting will be held on Monday, September 25th, 2017.   It will begin at 5:30 pm, and will give parents an opportunity to ask questions regarding the program of Title I.   More information will come in later newsletters. Thank you for your continued support.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURES:  The sidewalk east of the school along Eisenhower Drive is working well with students arriving and leaving school. A reminder that we would like to see students and parents always use the crosswalks in front of the school.  There is a painted crosswalk that helps students and drivers recognize this area as a crosswalk. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
When parents are dropping off their child(ren) in the morning or picking them up after school, we ask that you do NOT use the driveway.  The driveway is reserved for buses and for EES staff.

A friendly reminder that soft drinks are not allowed during lunch.

WALKING TO AND FROM SCHOOL: We are asking parents to talk with their child(ren) about walking to and from school and what to do if they encounter an animal on the way.  This is the time that snakes, rodents, lost dogs, etc…can be moving around town and should be avoided at all times.  Thanks!

FALL SPORTS:  Friday, September 8th, 2017 is the first home football game.  At the football games, there are many fans that like to sit on the grassy hill to watch the game.  We are asking students not to run up and down the hill or roll down the hill during the game, as this is a distraction for the people who came to the game to watch.  Also, we are asking students to NOT bring footballs or other objects to throw around during the game.  This too can be a distraction for people wanting to watch the game.  If a student brings a football to the game, it will be confiscated and kept by school officials.
HANDWASHING:   We have hand sanitizer available in all the rooms as well as in the lunchroom.  Parents can help the school by encouraging your child(ren) to observe the proper ways to washing their hands and covering their mouth while sneezing or coughing.
VISITORS TO EES:  A reminder that visitors to EES need to stop in the office and pick up a pass.  This helps us monitor who is in the building during school hours.  This procedure is for the safety of the children.  
PICKING UP CHILDREN:  We are asking that parents who are picking up their child(ren) after school to wait outside the doors on the East side of Eisenhower.  This allows the student and teacher to close out the school day together.  If picking up a child before the end of the day, please stop in the office so we can call the student down.  This is done for attendance purposes and for the safety of the students.
MILK:  Milk price for this year is  40 cents.
TRANSPORTATION:  We are asking parents to talk with their child(ren) about using the crosswalks when being dropped off the shuttle buses in the afternoon.  It is important that students exercise caution when being dropped off the bus.  The bus drivers do a great job communicating with the students when they get on and off the bus, but it helps when parents talk to their child about the importance of being safe.  
WAYS A PARENT CAN HELP WITH MATH/READING:  Suggestions from the TITLE 1 Program.  Math---Look for shapes and patterns in real life.  Reading---Let your child see you reading, have magazines and books in your home.  

It has been a good two weeks of school.  The students seem to be excited to be back at school as well as the staff and myself.  In advance I would like to thank all of the parents and guardians for what you did to help prepare your child for school.  IT LOOKS LIKE IT WILL BE A GREAT YEAR AT EES!!!!

September Breakfast/Lunch Menus