Curriculum Coordinating Council Bylaws
The Curriculum Coordinating Council (CCC) is a representative group of district personnel that advises the Board of Education, through the Superintendent, in matters concerning curriculum development and instructional planning. The CCC will serve as a sounding board for certified personnel in curriculum matters.

The major functions of the CCC will be to:
  • Help develop for recommendation to the Board of Education long-range plans for curriculum development and review. Establish and coordinate a systematic, ongoing process for evaluating curricula. Establish and coordinate a systematic, ongoing process for resource selection. Act as the communication link between the certified staff, the Superintendent and the Board of Education. Study curriculum concerns of certified personnel, the Superintendent, and the Board of Education with the understanding that at times there may be issues that the administration cannot discuss with the group. Coordinate the work of curriculum committees so as to develop and implement high achievement results based curricula. Promote and encourage communication between buildings and levels within the district

The membership of the CCC shall consist of the Curriculum Coordinator, Superintendent, Curriculum Committee Department Heads, Testing Coordinator, and a member of the Board of Education, (if they desire to appoint one).

Curriculum Coordinating Council


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